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Al Shuala Media

Outstanding products deserve outstanding media solutions to realize their full potential.

Al Shuala Media is one of the leading media and advertising companies in the MENA region that takes your brand and your message to your target audience in the most impactful ways.

Why Al Shuala Media?

Al Shuala Media offer you an integrated portfolio of products and services that cover your advertising and media production needs under one roof.You will find that we are well equipped to take charge of your advertising and marketing output right from the planning and ideation stage to production, installation and maintenance.

  • network

    Countrywide Network

    We can take your brand, business and messaging nationwide through our integrated network of outdoor sites.

  • loc

    Prime Locations

    We get you noticed in areas that have high traffic and more visibility at our popular sites around town.

  • rates

    Better Rates

    Most of our locations are owned by us and this translates to better rates for you as there are no middlemen adding to the costs.

  • exposure

    24x7 Exposure

    Our outdoor sites keep attracting attention and conveying your message through the day and night.

  • comm

    Instant Communnication

    We help you plan and design outdoor signage to convey your message visually and instantly.

  • long_expo

    Longer Exposure

    While newspapers last for a day and broadcast ads for seconds, our outdoor installations can promote your brand for months or years.

  • service

    Integrated Services

    We offer numerous production facilities and formats in-house in addition to installation services, simplifying the journey from idea to execution.

Our Skills

Innovation is a key driver of our growth and as we embrace the future of communication, we continue to add even more media products and services to our portfolio from TV spots and radio spots, sponsorships, newspaper and magazine advertisements to the new digital solutions like Web TV and more. We welcome you to join hands with us and see your brand and your business soar higher and reach further with us, today!

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